Frequently Asked Questions


+ What is the “locum problem”?

The locum tenens (“part-time doctors”) industry is stuck in the 1960’s! Connecting doctors to part-time shift openings is a painful process w/ many touch points; and it is controlled by an inefficient “middle-man” – the locum agency. In addition, there is a lack of transparency into openings, hospital locations, and doctor rates. Rate haggling and paper-based processes only compound the problems. This leads to greater doctor shortages, higher rates of doctor burnout and more medical errors.

+ What is Hyr Medical and how is it solving the “locum problem”?

Hyr Medical is an online platform that enables direct, efficient and transparent connections between hospitals/medical groups and physicians for locum (part-time) work. This translates into higher rates for doctors, lower costs for hospitals/medical groups, more locum physicians and fewer medical errors through adequate patient workload distribution.

+ Why should I join?

At Hyr Medical transparency is key. For physicians, this means you know immediately where you will work, and how much you will be paid. For hospitals and medical groups, this means you know who is applying, the physician’s hourly rate, and how much you will be invoiced.


+ How long does it take to start working as at a hospital?

This varies from one hospital to another, but in general about 30-90 days. Please provide Hyr Medical with your updated credentials as soon as possible to ensure that credentialing is completed in a timely and efficient manner. Missing or inaccurate information is the most common cause of delayed credentialing for physicians.

+ How do I provide credentialing information to Hyr Medical?

Once your application is accepted for a job, we will start the credentialing process. You will receive instructions in your e-mail with next steps and required documents.

+ How do I schedule a shift?

Hyr Medical enables physicians and hospitals to communicate directly for shift scheduling via email or phone. We have found that different hospitals handle scheduling in different ways. Therefore, it is most efficient for the doctor and hospital scheduler to communicate directly.

+ How do I submit my shift hours worked and get paid?

Once you complete a shift, log your hours on the Hyr Medical log sheet and submit them to Hyr Medical. We will then send your completed log to the facility to approve your payment.

+ What rate per hour will I be paid?

Physician rates on the Hyr Medical platform are set by our smart algorithm. Gone are the days where physicians have to haggle for a fair rate. The rate is dynamic and will change periodically based on supply, demand and other key factors. When you apply at a facility your rate will be guaranteed for 12 months.

+ How long after facility approval will I receive payment for a completed assignment?

Your payments will be deposited in your account within 2-4 weeks of submitting your time log and having it approved by the hospital.

Medical Groups and Hospitals

+ Will I receive a confirmation letter?

We are not an agency. Unlike traditional locum and staffing agencies, we do not require a confirmation letter for assignments. Physician rates, travel lump sum, and malpractice insurance are defined upfront. The physician’s timesheet is appended to the invoice that is sent to facilities for approval.

+ Why are you not sending receipts for reimbursement of travel expenses?

By having physicians arrange their own travel, we let you focus your time and energy on running your medical group and hospital and taking care of your patients. In addition, this allows Hyr Medical to reduce overhead costs - which ultimately means better rates for hospitals and physicians.

+ What costs will I be invoiced for?

Your cost per hour includes the hour rate for the physician plus the 20% Hyr Medical fee. In addition, separate line items for malpractice insurance coverage and the travel lump sum will be included on the invoice statement. At the end of each assignment, you will receive a timesheet for approval and an invoice.

+ Who covers malpractice insurance?

Hyr Medical provides malpractice insurance for its locum physicians. Let us know if you’d like to provide your own malpractice insurance and we can work with your facility or medical group individually. The medical group or hospital will reimburse Hyr Medical for the insurance; this will appear as a line item on the invoice.

+ Is Hyr Medical responsible for credentialing all physicians on the platform?

Hyr Medical will provide hospitals and medical groups with a complete and accurate credentialing package, to facilitate credentialing by facilities as efficiently as possible. The credentialing process within facilities is outside of Hyr Medical’s scope or direct control.

+ How can medical groups and physicians help Hyr Medical speed up the process of credentialing?

Please provide accurate information. Documents should be legible and current. Remember that physicians credentialing process cannot begin if there are missing documents; physicians should make sure all their information is provided as soon as possible. We can help follow up with your candidates to ensure timely and accurate completion of all credentialing requirements. Let us know if you need help at

+ How will I approve completed physician shifts?

At the end of each assignment, you will receive a completed physician's time sheet appended to your invoice. We will process payment once this is approved by the appropriate person in your facility or medical group.